Day trips

Day trips

Day trips
Liebenzell Castle

Climb the tower at Liebenzell Castle to see an amazing view of the town of Bad Liebenzell. You can reach the castle by car or on foot.

Bad Liebenzell Castle

Calw rocks

Once a year, the town of Calw changes its face – the rock festival “Calw Rocks” takes place. Great bands with an awe-inspiring back drop. Highly recommended!

Summer in the Monastery in Hirsau

Open air performances, concerts and shows with well-known artists in a unique atmosphere: in the monastery ruins in Hirsau.

Hesse Museum in Calw

A museum dedicated to the author Hermann Hesse in the town of his birth – Calw. Hermann Hesse won the Nobel prize for literature in 1964.

Hermann Hesse Museum

Kepler's Town: Weil der Stadt

The birth place of astronomer and mathematician Johannes Keppler invites you to take a tour of the historical old town.

Pforzheim Jewellery Museum

In the gold town of Pforzheim you can visit this unique jewellery museum with fine exhibition pieces from five millenia.

Mercedes Benz Museum, Stuttgart

Renowned globally – the brand with the star. Only one hour away by car, and you can dive into the success story of the unique car manufacturer from Baden- Württemberg. The Mercedes Benz Museum offers insight into the beginnings of car manufacturer to the present day with nearly 130 years of entrepreneurial spirit and engineering art. Of course, there are numerous vehicle exhibits from the car brand’s successful history.

Mercedes Benz Museum Stuttgart

Musical Stuttgart

Experience fantastic shows and fascinating musicals at the SI-Centre, Stuttgart.

Porsche Museum Stuttgart

Fascinating sports cars: whether its the 356 or the 311, Porsche is famous for its characteristic car manufacture. At the Porsche- Museum, Stuttgart you can not only marvel at the successful models, but you can also see the development and manufacturing process of a Porsche. An impressive insight into the history of one of the most desired cars in the world. If your companion is not so interested, you can try to convince them with the museum’s futuristic architecture.

Stuttgart Staatsgalerie

From museum of fine arts in 1958 to state gallery today, this art museum shows paintings and sculptures from over four centuries. Chagall, Dalí, Gogh, Liebermann and Munch make the collections special in Germany. Always a good idea.

Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

UNESCO World heritage site: Maulbronn Monastery

The Cistercian Monastery in Maulbronn is seen as one of the most well-preserved monastery sites north of the Alps and is located near Bad Liebenzell.